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Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy) Bankruptcy Sequestration 

Unemployment Made Me Sequestrated

When I was working full time, had a good property and went on 2 holiday’s a year it never once occurred I could be declared sequestrated one day. So it came as a shock when the company i worked for started making people redundant and I was told they would no longer require my services. I had a mortgage to pay, 2 children to feed and my husband didn’t make enough to support us or meet our credit commitments each month. Although i received a £5000 redundancy package this wasn’t…

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Credit Card Debt Credit Card Editors Choice Protected Trust Deed 

Borrowing To Live

I found myself in around £15,000 of debt and every penny I earned just paid interest on my credit cards, forcing me to start borrowing to live each month. It began almost as soon as I turned 18 when I received a pre-approved credit card application through the door within days of my birthday. Even though I completed the application and got the credit card through the door as was promised, I never used it straight away. I waited 3 months and only used it to buy some Christmas presents…

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