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Sequestration fees Sequestration 

Lost House & Equity for Sequestration Fees

My boiler began to stop working and was coming to the end of it’s life when i decided to call in an engineers who installed a new one for £3k.

The price then increased by the time the work was completed to 6.5k which I disputed with the engineer but he wasn’t interested and demanded payment.

The engineer continued to send me threatening letters forcing me to either pay or he would take me to court and have me declared bankrupt.

Although I had some other credit cards and a personal loan I was able to make the monthly payments on these without any problem.

Sequestration Process

Sequestration feesI never really thought I would be made sequestrated so when I received a letter informing me of a court date I assumed it was another threat.

Then the letter came though informing me I had been declared sequestrated for £28k, my total debt including interest, legal fees and other charges.

Only then did I decide to call a debt advice company who advised me how severe the problem was and explained my property could be taken.

My property was completely paid off and had no secured loans on it which meant it would likely be sold to repay the debt and fees.

Sequestration Fees

The company managing my sequestration was KPMG and they wrote to inform me my property, would be seized and sold at auction.

I was beside myself, all this because I refused to pay for a boiler installation which was overpriced and suddenly I lost my property.

Almost a year into the sequestration KPMG wrote to me again to advice me they had sold the property and the over amount to be paid was a crazy £44k.

I could’t believe what I was reading, all because I was wrongly declared sequestrated for £28k suddenly I had to pay £44k for debts and sequestration fees.

I enquired whether this was allowed or if there was a route to complain about the sequestration fees, however apparently this is just standard practice.

Avoid Sequestration Fees

My word of warning to anyone else who is being threatened with sequestration is to seek immediate debt advice and deal with it before they do.

Had I sought debt advice earlier it would have been possible to avoid the sequestration fees and could have kept my property as well.

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Lost House & Equity for Sequestration Fees
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