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Sequestration fees Sequestration 

Lost House & Equity for Sequestration Fees

My boiler began to stop working and was coming to the end of it’s life when i decided to call in an engineers who installed a new one for £3k. The price then increased by the time the work was completed to 6.5k which I disputed with the engineer but he wasn’t interested and demanded payment. The engineer continued to send me threatening letters forcing me to either pay or he would take me to court and have me declared bankrupt. Although I had some other credit cards and a…

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Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy) Bankruptcy Sequestration 

Unemployment Made Me Sequestrated

When I was working full time, had a good property and went on 2 holiday’s a year it never once occurred I could be declared sequestrated one day. So it came as a shock when the company i worked for started making people redundant and I was told they would no longer require my services. I had a mortgage to pay, 2 children to feed and my husband didn’t make enough to support us or meet our credit commitments each month. Although i received a £5000 redundancy package this wasn’t…

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