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Debt arrangement scheme (das) experience Debt Arrangement Scheme Editors Choice 

How DAS Solved My Debt Worries

A debt arrangement scheme (DAS) was the perfect debt solution to solve my debt problems due to it’s ability to freeze interest and charges.

I was 28 and found myself in about £7k of debt, most of which i had built up slowly, ignored and never really worried too much about it.

Then i suddenly found myself earning good money and started considering my future, such as applying for a mortgage or investing money.

Debt arrangement scheme (das) experience

I realised my credit rating had taken a hit because i had ignored the letters from the store and credit card companies, so i knew i needed to take action.

I called a debt advice charity who took a list of my income, expenditure and assets, after which they advised me the best solution was a DAS.

They explained to me the DAS was the best solution because i was able to repay my debt within 4 years, once interest & charges were frozen.

Experience of DAS

I found the entire process of entering a debt arrangement scheme very easy and self explanatory, i just paid 1 monthly contribution to all my debts.

It was what i always thought a debt management plan would be like, however i was told that wouldn’t freeze interest and charges.

My only criticism of the debt arrangement scheme was the amount of paper work and evidence i had to provide to the money adviser.

While i’m sure this isn’t the fault of the debt or money advisers, it does seem unnecessary when the full debt is being repaid to the creditors.

DAS Advice To Others

If you can repay the debt within a reasonable time i would suggest a debt arrangement scheme because it certainly helped me.

I am now debt free and able to get creditor for almost anything i apply for, even though there were defaults on my credit rating.[accordions ]
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How DAS Solved My Debt Worries
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