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Debt Arrangement Scheme

A debt arrangement scheme (DAS) is only available to people living in Scotland and able to repay their within a reasonable period of time.

This debt solution is similar to a debt management plan except it will guarantee to freeze interest and charges as well as stop any further action from creditors.

The debt arrangement scheme is usually the best solution for someone who is able to repay their debt within 5 years and has assets they wish to protect.

Debt Arrangement Scheme: How To Enter

Anyone going into a debt arrangement scheme needs a qualified money adviser to complete the necessary forms but some won’t charge for the service.

Once the forms have been complete the creditors will receive a letter informing them how much they will be paid each monthly towards the debt.

Once the debt arrangement scheme has begun all interest & charges must be frozen and no legal action can be taken by creditors.

It’s free to enter the solution unless someone pays for a money adviser to help complete the DAS forms however some will offer it for free.

People who enter a debt arrangement scheme will know exactly which date they will be debt free so long as they continue to make payments.


Most people can apply to enter a debt arrangement scheme however the money adviser make sure each person is eligible. Anyone considering the debt solution should be able to meet the following criteria.

  • A disposable income (the amount will depend on the level of debt)
  • Live in Scotland
  • Not currently in another debt solution
  • Have a wages arrestment against their debts

Once the debt arrangement scheme has been set up a DAS administrator will update the register and a payment distributor will be appointed.

The distributor is responsible for collecting payments each month and making the agreed payments to each creditor.


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