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Bipolar Disease Credit Card Protected Trust Deed 

How Bipolar Caused Debt To Spiral

My name is Maria and i got into a lot of debt before being diagnosed as bipolar by my GP 5 years ago which was when i got help.

My debt rose to £50,000 between loans, credit & store cards and overdrafts all within a 3 year period as my mental state deteriorated.

I can’t say when it started exactly because it was a slow, increasingly depressive feeling which took a number of years to fully take hold of me.

I found myself taking out loans just to pay for material items such as clothes or make-up, because it helped me feel better, even if it was just a short release.

My family and friends were extremely concerned but had no idea what was wrong with me and many thought I was just badly managing my finances.

On the days when I had periods of depression and wasn’t spend money I wouldn’t even leave my bed or see people for a number of days at a time.

Only when my friends and family all sat me down and explained how my actions were concerning them did i take any notice or seek help.

How I Solved My Debt Problem

My first step in dealing with the debt was to speak with my doctor about how I was feeling and sort out my mental health problems.

Once i had been fully assessed and diagnosed with bipolar disease the doctor could begin treating me with medication and therapy.

Only when the bipolar was stabilised did i manage to start dealing with the debt problem by calling a debt advice charity who were extremely understanding.

Once I had spoke to the charity they told me a protected trust deed would allow me to repay some of my debt and and the rest written off.

I’m now out the trust deed and my mental health is under control but I would urge anyone who felt like i did to seek professional help asap.

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How Bipolar Caused Debt To Spiral
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