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My Debt Story has been created to give people in debt a chance to tell others about their experience and which debt solution helped them.

Whether someone is unhappy with how they were treated by a creditor or think they were put into the wrong debt solution, we want to hear about it.

Who We Are

Our website editor Kim Johnstone has experience writing for a number of financial websites and has worked within the debt industry for 6 years.

My Debt Story does not offer financial advice of any kind and exists to help people tell their story and give information about debt solutions.

Anyone with debt problems should speak to a debt advice organisation who have an appropriate Consumer Credit Licence.

Our Aim

Our aim is to give people a platform to warn others about the pitfalls of debt and how they can avoid it or which debt solutions can can resolve it.

Sometimes debt can be the fault of creditors, consumers or neither but My Debt Story is interested in publishing everyone’s experience.

How To Tell Us Your Debt Story

If you would like tell My Debt Story about your experience with debt and how you managed to resolve it we would love to hear from you.

Simply complete our Your Debt Story form and we will reply if we need any further information. You do not need to give accurate personal information.

We respect everyone’s privacy and as such we will only publish your name or alias given in the contact form.

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